EKOTEKA is innovative brand of designer products resulting from the merger of textile waste, recycled paper and organic materials. They are designed in order to be fully usable and that in their production is use as many old and discarded materials.

By using the waste textile we reduces the amount of garbage we generate every day. Textiles on the cover EKO TEKA was once the excess and defective goods intended for the trash. Also, this is a fabric derived from discarded shirt, torn pants, too-small T-shirt, a dress from a young age and dish cloths, tailored and carefully selected with the help of a designer in the social enterprise Humana Nova.

Cardboard of textiles is made of 100% recycled paper. Paper used for making EKO TEKA is recycled paper Cyclus offset appropriate to graphic works. EKOTEKA label is made by hand method with recycling paper.

In the production of EKO TEKA is used color Greentec Sheetfed offset based on vegetable oils, which is characteristic for its high gloss and resistance to wear.

With products such as NOTEBOOK EKO TEKA, ECO BLOCK and ECO PENCIL we reduce the ecological footprint and we take care of our planet Earth. Thank you for actively supporting sustainable story and contributes to the reduction of pollution and contamination.

We do not want products packed in nice packaging with beautifully designed labels for which package and label will be redundant and will charge your garbage bags. We want products that will be environmentally friendly, and whose production and use will be contrary to consumer culture and lifestyle of “buy and throw!” This is the whole philosophy of recycled products. It is our pleasure to do this kind of thing.